Matic Insurance
Matic Insurance helps you to get homeowners in seconds, not days by direct integration with lenders. Also, Matic Insurance has its own mortgage portal — Matic Home.

Matic Home is a platform where Loan Officers and Borrowers communicate via a list of to-dos. Example: Loan Officer creates a to-do where he asks Borrower to upload a scanned copy of a driving license. Borrower uploads his driving license and sends this to-do for review. The whole process of getting a loan runs through such small to-dos. Such to-dos consist of the title, description and file upload module. So it is really easy to customize to-dos and create any to-do you require.
Provide the best homeowners insurance.
Product architecture
Do you remember those tasks (aka to-dos) I’ve just explained to you? Some tasks can’t be solved via "upload a document flow" and require more complex flow. For example, Homeowners Insurance (aka HOI) is one of such specific to-dos. Also, this to-do generates a revenue for our company.

Below I will explain only one feature (HOI) from Matic, but this feature is the most important for us.

So I created complex to-dos with the multi-screen flow and conditional logic. And tested. Our Borrowers felt in love with them. Everything was fine. Except! I figured out Loan Officers prefer not to bother themselves with a creation of specific to-dos, and still prefer to use simple general to-do templates.

I made additional feature announcement via Intercom to explain benefits, ran several calls to explain everything in person. Data told me Loan Officers don’t want to use it. Period.

OK, I failed. Step back. Time to run interviews again. Why-why-why?

Long story short: most of the Loan Officers don’t care about the success of their Borrowers. The volume of Borrowers is so high Loan Officers can afford themselves to deal with highly-motivated Borrowers only. The market is broken.
Problem statement
Loan Officers don’t use our specific to-do template for Homeowners Insurance but prefer to use general to-do template which doesn’t allow us to run auto quotes. This affects our revenue a lot.
I am sure that our insurance is a game changer for Borrowers: we partnered with selected top carriers to compare prices from them and bring our Borrowers the best insurance. No need to leave the portal, no need to find somebody. One click, 30 second of waiting and voila!

I reviewed a lot of options how I can promote our service:
referral system for our Loan Officers (pay them for every HOI they will create)
email campaign for our Borrowers (as you guys said a lot: emails are missing context): rejected
a separate button to request HOI quote (again, no chance someone will click it): rejected
different popups and tooltips (I don't want to be a next rejected
PUSH notifications (potentially this might work, but you can't rely only on them): partially rejected
even not telling you how many times I remade content and overall flow (OK, to be honest, I did that for 4 times)
and more...
Somewhere here the AHA moment came: if Loans Officers don’t care, maybe I should remove them from my equation… What if we will create a HOI quote task automatically and will make it visible only for Borrowers. Borrowers can easily give a try to our service and see if we can save them some $$$ on HOI. If we will fail, well, still we will help them with consultation and average market price.

This solution allowed us to get HOI task on every single loan.
BTW, this flow became a foundation for all our 3rd party integrations: Yep, we designed a system, not an isolated one-time solution.
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