HealthJoy’s easy-to-use, chat-based app combines the team of board-certified doctors, veteran insurance experts, dedicated healthcare concierges and our proactive chatbot, JOY.

You can easily get qualified medical help, save greatly on medications, optimize your bills, understand your health insurance. And much more. Everything from your mobile device.
Help every person on the planet make smarter healthcare decisions.
We believe in future you will get a qualified help in seconds. Directly from your mobile phone.
Product architecture
Let me tell you a story how accidentally I invented our healthcare bot Joy.

People hate to wait. They want to get help immediately. Especially when it comes to health-related topics. This is how we came with an idea of creating healthcare platform. In the end 2014, we dummy copied our competitors' features and made a soft launch. While we were thinking why no one is using our product we figured out that those people who actually use it, prefer to use only one feature from many: chat.
Problem statement
We have a lot of chat requests on general topics which overload our healthcare concierge team.
Let's make a system where the user will be able to get a qualified help in seconds and in a friendly manner. Ah, and without overloading our HCC team.

This is how Joy was born.

Unfortunately, I can't share anything about the process, but will highlights problems I worked to solve:
how to convince patients that stupid bot can actually help
how to speak not like a stupid bot, but still make clear this is a bot
how not to block a patient if she wants to speak with a real person
how to make our bot extensible and support new features
how to make our stupid bot not that stupid and allow him to self-educate
how to insert a bot into a chat: what controls to use to make communication with bot simple and pleasurable (yup, in 2014 there was no other app or Dribbble concept where I was able to copy UI)
how to get feedback from our patients
— Android, iOS & Web for our clients.
— CRM, Doctor portal and custom analytics platform to accompany that.
— And, sure thing, Joy — our bot to serve as the first line of defense. Also, a portal where you can tweak Joy’s brain.
Enjoy interactions and visuals on your mobile phone!
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